How do you get that perfect wedding dress shot?

Taking the time to pay attention to the little details can make the difference between a good picture and a great one. You, as the bride, already have so much that you need to think about that some of the little things can fall through the cracks and that is ok! This is why you hire someone who comes prepared and knows how to capture those little moments.

The perfect wedding dress picture starts with having a nice hanger and somewhere to hang it. But sometimes the hanger is an item that is not thought about until the day of. No fear, though! I actually bring a pretty hanger with me on a wedding day so that every dress has its moment to shine. 

Something else I also have added to my wedding bag is suction cup hooks. If there's not a place to hang the dress I can create one easily and creatively by sticking the suction cup to a door, window, and even some walls. 

So the perfect wedding dress shot is totally possible and you, my dear bride, don't need to worry about a thing! 💛

If you are a photographer and want to totally use my idea then you can find both this hanger and the suction cup hook here at these Amazon affiliate links! :)

The Hanger

Suction Cup Hooks

Samantha Welch the owner of Welch Photography is an Arkansas wedding photographer, Arkansas engagement photographer, Arkansas bridal photographer, and Arkansas proposal photographer. Samantha loves being able to serve her couples by capturing priceless wedding photography in a timeless, colorful style. Samantha is currently booking Arkansas weddings in Clarksville, Russellville, Fort Smith, Conway, Little Rock, and all of Central Arkansas.


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