10 Must-Have Easily Forgotten Wedding Day Items

As your wedding day approaches, you may fear that you will forget something important. No matter how organized you are, getting married is not something you do every day, so you need a checklist of must-have items. I am here to help!

Hi, I am Samantha Welch. As a professional wedding photographer in Arkansas, who has photographed numerous weddings, I am here to provide you with a list of crucial items to pack for your wedding day. I have seen brides scrabble to get an essential item last minute, so I have developed a list of those commonly forgotten objects. Save this post so that you can review it the day before your wedding as you pack. You could also share this list with someone in your wedding party to help you remember or to gather these items. 

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Sewing Kit

Even if you do not mend your clothes on everyday occasions, you will still want to have a sewing kit that you can use in case you have a wardrobe malfunction. Make sure your sewing kit has the right color thread. It should match your wedding dress and the colors of your wedding party. If any of the suits or dresses come with replacement buttons, they can be stored in this kit. Here is a general sewing kit that may work for you. 

Crochet Hook

This could be put in your sewing kit, but it is worth mentioning on its own because you will have to get it separately. I have crochet hooks in my camera bag and I use them at almost every wedding! Crochet hooks are wonderful tools to button up the bodice of your wedding dress. So if you have buttons on your dress, this is a must-have item. This crochet hook is the perfect size. 

Vendor Payments and Tips

Designate a trusted person to handle vendor payments and tips for you on your wedding day. This person can be a family member or a member of the wedding party. Before your wedding day, prepare envelopes with the appropriate amounts for each vendor and hand them over before the event begins. 

Food and Water

Between the excitement and running around, it's easy to forget to eat and stay hydrated. Make sure you have some light snacks and water bottles at your venue to keep your energy levels up throughout the day. Your wedding party will thank you! There is a lot of time between getting ready and your reception dinner. 


Your wedding day will be just that, a full day. The deodorant that you put on before you left the house that morning may not last as you dance away the night. Bring some extra so that you can stay fresh and avoid feeling self-conscious about how you smell. 

Toothbrush and Floss

Despite brushing in the morning, a quick touch-up will help keep your smile bright for all the photos. Your wedding photographer can touch up some imperfections, but these items keep you comfortable and confident in the moment. They'll ensure your smile looks radiant and flawless for every cherished minute.

Feminine Hygiene Products

This one is worth mentioning because it could be a disaster if you needed these items and did not have them. Mother nature does not always stay on schedule and it is best to plan for the worse. You also may have bridesmaids that could need this product. 

Correct Undergarments

You have spent so much time finding the perfect dress, but don’t forget the importance of the right undergarments. They should be light-colored and seamless to avoid any visibility issues. Consider a strapless adhesive bra if needed to prevent straps from showing. Shapewear may also be something you have considered. Just ensure that all undergarments fit well and are comfortable by trying them on beforehand with your dress.  

Skin and Fabric Double Sided Tape

Double-sided tape can be a lifesaver on your wedding day. This incredibly useful item,  can secure a loose hem, discreetly fix a wardrobe malfunction, or ensure decorations stay in place. I have seen this item be an unsung hero of many wedding days. This double-sided body tape is a great option for your wedding day. 

Comfortable Shoes

Your wedding shoes will be stunning, but they might not be as comfortable after a full day of celebration. Pack a pair of comfortable flats or sandals to give your feet a break when needed so you can dance the night away.

By keeping these often-forgotten items in mind, you'll be better prepared to handle any surprises that may come your way on your wedding day. Remember, even if something is forgotten, everything will work out and you will be able to enjoy every moment and create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. 

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