Tabitha + Mordecai

Engagement Session at Cadron Settlement Park, Conway Arkansas

This engagement session at Cadron Settlement Park in Conway, Arkansas, was terrific! Tabitha and Mordecai were just born to be in front of the camera. They made my job so easy, and they were just absolutely the best! You could see the happiness in them!

It was also like they read my mind sometimes, and before I would even be able to say something, they would already have shifted to that pose position.

Tabitha did a fantastic job on their outfit, picking colors that went super well together and with the nature around them.

It was fun chatting with them about their wedding and their venue (An Enchanting Evening, I love this place!) It felt like I was getting together with friends, just out visiting and taking pictures. I cannot wait for their wedding in April! It's going to be so much fun because if their wedding is anything like their engagement session was, they're going to nail it.

Let’s talk about this location for an engagement session for a minute. I was so thrilled to see that even at the end of January the park still had a bit of the Fall vibes! Cadron Settlement Park is perfect for the couple who is looking for that nature, outdoor engagement look. If you want the Arkansas River in the background, we can do that, or if you want to stand on a little bridge with water flowing under you, we can do that too! You can read more about the beautiful park here!