Creating Rhythms and Systems for a Peaceful Life | Episode 7 | The Woman of Courage Podcast

In our latest podcast episode, we had the pleasure of chatting with KyAnn Molina, a mother of three, about her transformative journey from a bustling entrepreneur to a woman who found peace and balance in her daily life. KyAnn's story is one of surrender, faith, and the intentional creation of rhythms and systems to bring order to the chaos.

From Entrepreneurship to Peaceful Living

KyAnn began her professional journey as a wedding photographer at the age of 14, eventually evolving into a full-time business with her husband. Their entrepreneurial ventures led them to unexpected places, including a successful clay earring business. However, a pivotal moment came when KyAnn struggled with postpartum depression after her second child. This challenging period prompted her to reevaluate her priorities and recognize the need for significant changes.

The Power of Surrender

KyAnn's decision to surrender her businesses, despite their success, was a profound step towards finding peace. She realized the importance of creating intentional rhythms and systems in her daily life, especially as a mother of three young children. The journey involved reworking priorities, establishing boundaries, and allowing faith to guide her decisions.

Navigating the Seasons

KyAnn emphasizes the importance of understanding the different seasons in life—some demanding more focus on work, while others require a stronger emphasis on family. Her practical approach involves taking one step at a time, avoiding the overwhelming feeling of trying to fix everything at once.

Faith and Daily Life

KyAnn integrates her faith seamlessly into her daily life, emphasizing the significance of surrendering each day to God. She shares practical tips, such as keeping her Bible open throughout the day and utilizing a prayer Bible for specific requests. Her genuine approach to living in relationship with God showcases a beautiful balance between spiritual and practical aspects of life.

Launching a Course for Moms

KyAnn's passion for helping others find peace in their lives has led her to create a course tailored to stay-at-home moms. Focused on creating systems and rhythms, the course aims to reduce overwhelm and foster a more intentional, balanced life.


KyAnn Molina's journey from a full-time entrepreneur to a woman dedicated to creating peace in her life is a testament to the power of intentional living and faith. Her story inspires us to embrace the different seasons of life, prioritize what matters most, and, above all, surrender our plans to a higher purpose. Tune in to the podcast to discover more about KyAnn's transformative journey and the valuable insights she shares.

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