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In a world where the demands of motherhood can often feel overwhelming, finding balance and support is crucial for both moms and their little ones. Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jenna Hodge, a passionate motherhood coach, to dive deep into the important role of moms, the significance of self-care, and the impact of building strong relationships with our children.

Discovering the Passion

Jenna Hodge, a mother of three boys, found her calling as a motherhood coach through her own challenging journey into motherhood. Her experiences as a first-time mom led her to seek solutions and support, ultimately shaping her desire to help other moms navigate the ups and downs of raising children while prioritizing self-care.

Importance of Self-Care and Balance

One of the key aspects Jenna emphasizes in her coaching is the significance of self-care and maintaining a balance between taking care of oneself and caring for little ones. Establishing a consistent schedule and routine for both kids and moms forms the foundation for a harmonious family dynamic. By meeting the physical, mental, and emotional needs of children, moms can create a thriving environment where everyone can flourish.

Empowerment in Motherhood

Jenna's approach to motherhood coaching extends beyond routines and schedules; it delves into the empowerment of moms to prioritize themselves and their well-being. By recognizing that being a mom does not mean sacrificing personal identity or desires, Jenna encourages moms to view themselves as individuals with needs and aspirations outside of parenting.

Shaping the Future Generation

The conversation with Jenna also touched upon the profound influence mothers have in shaping the future generation. By addressing their own issues and self-growth, moms can break generational cycles and provide a healthier environment for their children to thrive. Jenna highlights the importance of letting go of control over others while focusing on self-improvement and leading by example.

Expressing Gratitude

As our conversation drew to a close, Jenna shared her gratitude for the health of her family, recognizing the challenges they had overcome and the blessings of overall well-being. In moments of adversity, the gift of health and the ability to care for loved ones emerge as invaluable treasures that anchor us in gratitude.


In a world where the journey of motherhood is filled with joys and challenges, the presence of dedicated individuals like Jenna Hodge shines a light on the importance of nurturing oneself while caring for others. Her insights into the transformative power of self-care, balanced routines, and empowerment offer a beacon of hope for mothers seeking guidance and support along their parenting journey.

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