Faith, Homeschooling, and Entrepreneurship: A Journey of Courage and Blessings | Episode 12 | The Woman of Courage

In the latest podcast episode, Samantha and special guest Angie Lentz take listeners on a captivating journey through faith, homeschooling, and unexpected entrepreneurship. The episode unfolds as a warm, candid conversation, reflecting the heart and soul of Angie's inspiring life story

The episode begins with the duo setting the tone for a casual and spontaneous conversation. Angie introduces herself as a mom of four with a deep-rooted connection to faith and music. Growing up in a small Southern Baptist church, she reminisces about her early years and the profound influence of her Kentucky grandparents.

Faith and Music

Angie's journey encompasses her marriage to her high school sweetheart, Scott, and their shared passion for music. From singing in church to pursuing a college degree in music, Angie's life took an unexpected turn when she and Scott moved to Nashville. Despite the twists and turns, faith remained a constant presence.

From Music to Entrepreneurship

Angie shares a pivotal moment in her life when motherhood compelled her to reevaluate her career. The transition from a career in music to accidental entrepreneurship unfolds as she delves into a direct sales business. The challenges of balancing life on the road with a growing family ultimately led her to a new and unforeseen path.

Overcoming Valleys

The conversation takes an emotional turn as Angie recounts a challenging period during the birth of their second child. Financial uncertainty and unexpected hardships forced Angie to reevaluate her role and seek alternative means of supporting her family. This is the turning point where entrepreneurship takes center stage in Angie's life.

The Birth of Mason Grove Farm

Amidst personal struggles, Angie discovered a passion for non-toxic products and skincare. This revelation led to the creation of Mason Grove Farm, a brand dedicated to providing quality, natural products. The farm, based just south of Nashville, became a hub for creating skincare items, hosting events, and fostering a sense of community.

Homeschooling and Family Dynamics

The conversation shifts to Angie's homeschooling journey, a decision influenced by the flexibility offered by their home-based business. Angie reflects on the initial fears and concerns about homeschooling but emphasizes the freedom it has brought to their family. The farm, now a multifaceted space, also hosts a church on Sundays, reflecting the intertwining of faith, family, and entrepreneurship.

Embracing Courage and Sharing Stories

The podcast concludes with a powerful discussion on courage and sharing personal stories. Angie encourages listeners to embrace their dreams, step into their promised land, and not be afraid of the unknown. The conversation highlights the contagious nature of courage and the importance of sharing one's journey to inspire others.

In summary, this episode offers a rich tapestry of faith, homeschooling, and entrepreneurship. Angie's story serves as a testament to the transformative power of faith, resilience, and the unexpected blessings that can emerge from life's challenges. Tune in to this uplifting episode for an authentic and heartfelt exploration of life's remarkable journey.

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