4 Tips

To Help Your Guy Enjoy a Photo Session More

When you talk about having photos taken together, do you get the dreaded eye roll from your man? That look that says, "This will be miserable, and I will not enjoy myself one bit"? If this is the case, you are in good company because I have the same problem with my husband, even though I take photos for a living! After a few years of experience, I have found four ways to make the photo session a bit more fun for your guy.

The first tip is to make it into a date night! Make plans to go out to eat and enjoy your evening while you both are looking your best. This makes it seem more worthwhile so that you didn't just get dressed for the photos only, but that the photos were more of a stop to what the evening is really about.

Tip two is to let your photographer know that your guy is not into photos so that they can keep the session short and sweet. The worst thing you can do is to promise that the photo session will be fun and short, only to have your photographer keep it going for over an hour. No matter how fun it started out, it is how he feels when it ends that will be his opinion about it.

The third tip is don't make your guy dress out of his comfort zone. You really want to try to find middle ground here, and keeping him comfortable will make for better photos. Think about what he is more comfortable in; if it's jeans, then think about adding a nice shirt to his favorite pair of jeans. This is not the time to make him change his style or to fight him if he wants to wear his ball cap in a few photos.

The fourth and last tip is to talk to your photographer and avoid cutesy, cheesy photos. If you start asking him to act out of his comfort zone in photos, he is going to hate them more and probably not look comfortable in the photos either. Our goal is for him to both feel and look comfortable!

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How to help your guy enjoy a photo session more, Arkansas Wedding Photographer, Samantha Welch, Welch Photography
How to help your guy enjoy a photo session more, Arkansas Wedding Photographer, Samantha Welch, Welch Photography
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