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Something that every wedding photographer should have in their bag on a wedding day...

A sewing kit! :)

Today, I want to let you in on a little secret that every wedding photographer should have in their bag. It's not a fancy gadget or a high-tech tool, but it has saved the day countless times. It's a sewing kit! Trust me, this unassuming hero has the power to rescue wedding day wardrobe malfunctions and keep everything running smoothly. Let's hop into the world of trusty sewing kits and discover how they can make a huge difference on the big day!

The Magic of a Sewing Kit:

Picture this: the bride's dress zipper suddenly rebels, a button pops off the groom's suit or a bridesmaid's hem starts unraveling just moments before the ceremony. These are the moments when a wedding photographer armed with a sewing kit becomes a superhero. No fashion disaster is too big to handle! With a few simple tools, we can save the day and ensure that everyone looks picture-perfect for the cherished moments we capture.

What Should Be Inside Your Wedding Photographer's Sewing Kit?

Now that we understand the importance of a sewing kit let's take a closer look at what essentials it should contain:

1. Scissors: Choose a compact pair of scissors that can easily snip away loose threads and tackle unexpected fabric emergencies with precision.

2. Needles: A variety of needles in different sizes will be your trusty companions. From delicate fabrics to sturdy materials, having the right needle on hand is crucial.

3. Thread: Pack a few spools of thread in versatile shades like white, black, and neutral colors. These will cover most repairs and ensure that your stitches blend seamlessly into the garment.

4. Safety Pins: The versatile safety pin! These mini wonders can temporarily fix a wardrobe malfunction or save the day when a button goes missing. Keep a collection of various sizes at the ready.

Finding Your Perfect Sewing Kit:

You don't have to break the bank to acquire a reliable sewing kit. In fact, my own kit came from the humble Dollar General. For a mere $3, it has been my trusted sidekick, helping me overcome fashion crises with ease. Although I had to add the safety pins separately, you can snag a big pack of these for just a few dollars.

So my dear fellow wedding photographers, never underestimate the power of a sewing kit! It might not be the most glamorous item in your bag, but it's undoubtedly an essential one. With a sewing kit by your side, you can fearlessly tackle unexpected wardrobe mishaps! So, join me in embracing the beauty of the sewing kit and ensure that every wedding you capture is a seamless, picture-perfect affair. Happy shooting and sewing, my fellow wedding photography superheroes!

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