Are you engaged?

If yes then it's time to start planning your engagement session! If you've never done professional photos before, there may seem like a lot of work involved. But don't worry — it's not as bad as it sounds! 😀

First, choose your location. You can talk to your photographer about their favorite spots. I also always love to hear what ideas my couples have because I get inspired and some of my favorite spots are ones that other couples have recommended to me and we went and did their photos there.💛

You can see some of my favorite Arkansas locations HERE

The next thing is choosing outfits for you both. I recommend going to Pinterest to get great ideas. When in doubt send pictures to your photographer and see what they think. If you're unsure what colors or styles will look good on you, reach out to someone you trust (like your photographer!) to give you an honest opinion. They can help guide you in the right direction so that everything looks cohesive and beautiful for your photos!

Next up is making sure you're camera-ready! Touch up hair color and cuts, get manicures, and don't stress. Editing out that pesky day of pimples is something we photographers are trained to do.

Most importantly, have fun! These will be photos that your will treasure!