Welcome back to the Woman of Courage Podcast! I'm Samantha, and today, let's take a break from the deep discussions and dive into something fun. I'm excited to share with you my top three life-organizing tools. Despite delving into profound topics in recent episodes, I have a bit of a nerdy side, and I'm passionate about helping women make the most of their time through effective systems and methods. So, let's get started.

1. Google Reminders: A Game Changer for Organization

The first tool I absolutely love and use all the time is Google Reminders. While I'm an Android person, I believe there's a version for Apple users as well. I use Google Reminders to stay organized by setting up timely reminders for various tasks. Whether it's a chore, a commitment to someone, or even a simple task like taking vitamins, Google Reminders ensures I don't forget. The flexibility to snooze reminders until I'm ready adds a level of convenience that has been a game-changer for me.

2. Living by My Calendar: A Recipe for Freedom

The second tool involves living life by my calendar. Every commitment, whether personal or professional, goes into my calendar. This practice not only helps me stay organized but also allows me to plan my week more efficiently. Transferring the weekly schedule to a physical planner on Monday mornings helps me visualize and group tasks, ensuring I make the most out of my time. Living by the calendar might sound restrictive, but it actually brings a sense of freedom, as it enables me to set boundaries and say no when needed.

3. Batching Your Days: A Strategy for Efficiency

The third and final tool is all about batching your days. Batching involves dedicating specific days to particular types of tasks. For example, Mondays are my day for housework and small work tasks. Batching allows me to focus on a theme for the day, preventing mental exhaustion from jumping between different activities. This strategy has not only made my days more efficient but has also freed up mental space for other things throughout the week.

Applying These Principles to Your Life

These three tools, when applied, can transform your life, whether you're working full-time outside the home, a stay-at-home mom, or running a business. They offer peace of mind, freedom, and the ability to set boundaries on what you can handle. While everyone's brain works differently, giving these tools a try might just be the change you need to experience a more organized and fulfilling life.

Give it a shot, see how it works for you, and you might find, like I did, that these principles are the keys to unlocking a more organized and peaceful life. Thanks for tuning in, and I can't wait to join you again next week for another episode!