Episode 2: Trusting God's Plan. What Does Having a Calling Even Mean?

Embracing the Seasons: Trusting God's Plan for Your Life


Welcome back to the Woman of Courage podcast, Episode Number Two! I'm Samantha, or you can call me Sam, whichever you prefer. Today, I'm thrilled to dive into a topic that's close to my heart and one I wish every woman could understand – trusting God's plan.

Navigating Life's Uncertainties:

Our life vision or calling might not always be crystal clear. In my experience, I often felt stuck, especially in a church culture that emphasized knowing God's will or calling as a significant deal. Tests and assessments were conducted to determine our spiritual gifts, but I constantly found my results changing. I questioned if there was something wrong with me.

God's Calling: A Journey, Not a Destination:

Here's the truth: God does give us a calling, and sometimes it's as simple as moving forward in a promise He has already laid out for us. It's essential to align our steps with His purpose and not leave Him out of the equation. Proverbs, with its straightforward guidance, lays out a path to success in both life and business.

Multiple Callings for Multiple Seasons:

Contrary to the desire for a single, glamorous, passionate calling, I've discovered that God doesn't limit us to just one. These callings vary depending on the season of life we're in. Whether it's the throes of motherhood, a job we don't love, or the pursuit of a life partner, our current season and struggles are part of our calling.

Embracing Each Season:

I confess to being so focused on catching God's grand vision for my life that I neglected the joy of the present season. I wished for a glamorous and passionate calling but failed to appreciate the smaller callings in daily life. It took time to understand that each season, even the seemingly mundane, is a calling. I wish I had looked for God's purpose in each of them.

It's Never Too Late to Embrace Your Callings:

If you haven't fully enjoyed the seasons or callings God has given you, don't despair. Repent if needed, pick yourself up, and start anew. It's never too late to appreciate and invest in the current season of life. I, as a mother of three, can attest to this, choosing to enjoy the present instead of constantly chasing something more glamorous.


In conclusion, I encourage you to enjoy each season and realize that God's vision is neither too narrow for you to miss nor too broad for you to step into. Embrace each calling, each season, and look for Him in it. Remember Matthew 25:23 – "Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a few things, and I will make you a ruler over many."