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Hey there! I'm Samantha...

But you can call me Sam because that is what my friends call me!
I'm a wedding and engagement photographer that travels all over the state of Arkansas.
I work with laid-back couples who share a deep trust and sweet love for one another. They treasure the small moments and want a photographic experience that feels comfortable and natural.

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Samantha Welch, Welch Photography, Clarksville Arkansas Wedding Photographer

We Might Be A Good Fit If:

  • You greatly appreciate good communication
  • You love keeping things in your life organized
  • Nature refreshes your soul
  • You value the little moments in life

"Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it."

—Lucy Maud Montgomery

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Highly rated Arkansas Wedding Photographer, Samantha Welch, Welch Photography

Daria + Walter

"Where do I begin...she stays on top of things with constant professional contact. She captures moments and creates an experience that you will cherish forever. Everyone that saw my pictures after the wedding all loved the photos. I HIGHLY recommend her and encourage all brides to use her to make their day amazing."


Are you more of a candid moment capturer or a "strike a pose" kind of photographer?

I'm all about capturing genuine emotions and candid moments, but hey, I also know when to guide you for those perfect frame-worthy photos! It's all about finding the perfect balance to make your photos uniquely you!

What's your superpower for making camera-shy couples feel at ease?

My superpower lies in creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. We'll be like good friends hanging out on your day. I'll be there helping you through each moment! Trust me; you'll feel like supermodels by the end of the day!

Do you have any photography-related pet peeves?

I must admit I am not a fan of overly intrusive paparazzi-style photography. I believe in blending into the background while being part of your celebration. My goal is to capture the entirety of your day without interrupting the moments as they unfold.

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Samantha Welch - Welch Photography, Arkansas Wedding photographer
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